Saturday, March 3, 2007

One more webspace for us all

Here is one more forum/space for all IIITM family to discuss, praise, criticize, promote and cogitate wide range of issues pertaining to IIITM. An initiative by a passing out student to unite all the bloggers and be in close touch with the happening of the institute, where we all have spend a good span of our time(good or bad whatever).

Hope that this place remains alive (seeing the number of active bloggers of IIITM). Comments and suggestions are invited. Also all those who wish to contribute to this blog in any way, kindly drop me a message,i'll be more than happy to have u as contributor.



mightydreams said...

Well this indeed is a good step and was required I use to feel the need of some thing of this sort but asking our juniors every time to keep us updated about the happenings in institute is not always possible since as we pass out we will be more in number then we would know each other only by the Insti name so this sort of place will keep us informed of whats happening in the institute I used to mail the seniors who passed out and use to keep in touch but this would be a fast way and more over what I missed in my communications was feed back which I feel could be easily available and it will attract a wider section
of people and also will help in keeping in touch to those seniors whom we don't know (i.e. they passed out even before we joined college).

Pawan said...

@ mightydreams

Exactly man! This can be an informal webpage for our alumnis(even they can write here...) and plus if we wish to write about something which we think are of reasonable usage to others .. put that ... help in making this page a popular blogpage