Thursday, April 9, 2009

Alumni Meet '08 @ IIITM -III

Celebration is a way of life, finding it's way into all shades and colors. From individual celebrations like anniversaries to religious ones they all transcend into a manifestation encompassing a varied spectra.Similar is the idea of celebrations that are specific to your sense of belonging to something you identify with.Fests are organized celebrating cultural or academic orientations of colleges and Institutes(we have our own share with Infotsav and Aurora!!!).But what about the celebration of coming together of a family held together with bonds of a shared Alma Mater? For the first time here in our institute,we are gathering for this occasion that will result into a caucus of the alumni, the present students along with past and present faculty members and administrative honchos.

The Idea Inside
"Sometimes,something seems so simple to say,
someone scrap it as similar simplified yet simply undefined."
It always appears simple as an idea of having a formal meet of Alumni at missing fortification of their early professional life, but it's difficulat to re-search them via similar missing broken links.

The Job Identification
After getting an idea, we move up into correlated 'idea identifications' to have a touch to the main herculean job. We identified a lot and still identifying some.

The job was getting the database of all the alumni. It's always difficult to import the data from archival roll lists. After getting the names, we need the current addreses to locate their exact position.

The Implimentations
IT and IT oriented web technology web 3.o provied the way to catch those missing links.Various social networking communities such as 'orkut' and 'facebook' gave us a few of the present adress and contact details of the alumni.Then came the phase of approaching and informing them. The response varied from being lukewarm to overt happiness at the prospect of such an initiative. Though them, we also attempted to connect to more alumni. This proved to be much more beneficial. Now, we were able to reach out a large precentage of the alumni both in and out of the country.The response was exponential. We told one, he told another five, those five reached out to the next twenty five. Within a month, all came into a circumference, containing all alumni with the knowledge of Alumni Meet.

The next job was to prepare for the mega event and keeping up to date in the alumni commitee. we adopted the similar root-defined methodology and caved some new ones. The result is tremendous.

The rest of the job was trendy. We moved in same technical and cultural fest style and came up with a brand new way to organize a fest in IIITM with few new way identifications where path seems to be 'not provided'.

The End Note
"Sometimes some segeregated lead to some new safeguards where some supposedly selected fail to seal"

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