Saturday, October 3, 2009

ACM-ICPC : The Stage is all set

3rd Oct, 2009,
ABV-IIITM Gwalior.

The mini auditorium of IIITM was again witnessing a mega event in the history of Gwalior academia. It witnessed the congregation of some of the most intelligent minds of India for a sole purpose. The ACM-ICPC kick started in its full fervor with a promise of knowledge and skill of contestants on display.

Mr.R.K.Theraja, deputy director, IIT Kanpur showed us the evolution of programmable computing in a chronological order. The present generation has been made possible due to efforts of many who were remembered for their priceless contribution to mankind as a whole.
Honorable Chief Guest of the day Mr. Mahesh Paradkar from IBM laid stress on a smaller and flatter world. He enlightened us on reality of the current market scenario. He stressed on using the available information in an efficient, productive and responsive manner. The latest terms like cloud computing, web 2.0, social networking were well pondered upon in the interest of the audience.

Prof. Phalguni Gupta, contest Organizer of ACM-ICPC Asia Region enlightened us with some of the most striking info about ACM-ICPC. His words made us feel the importance of the event and made us feel proud that we are an organizer of such a event. He filled the contestants with pride and gave them enough motivation to fuse killer instinct in them, something they required urgently.

Dr. Dileep Kumar, Registrar, IIITM Gwalior gave a short presentation on History of IIITM and its importance in today’s Indian Academic and Research world. IIITM stands out as the leading institute of India imparting Technical and Management skills in a very innovative fashion. Situated in Gwalior the institute promises to be the research centre for every thing related to Information Technology and become a Global Brand Name.

Correspondent: Abhishek Anand (IPG2008)

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