Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lecture by Dr. Sid gautam

A special public lecture was organized on “Face of the Future: New Frontiers of Opportunities” in the eve of 31th December, 2009 at ABV-IIITM Gwalior. The session was taken by Dr. Sid Gautam, Professor of Financial Economics and Director and Founder, Center for Entrepreneurship at Methodist University. As founder and director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Methodist University, Dr. Sid Gautam is in-demand as a speaker on all matters related to money - locally and around the world.

The session started with Mr. Rahul kala, who gave a presentation on entrepreneurship and its characteristics i.e. Creativity and Innovation. Then he discussed many case-studies of entrepreneurs of IIITM Gwalior.

The second session was taken by Dr. Sid Gautam .He started with dawning of the age of limitless opportunities and expresses his vision about India that “India is going to be in golden age as what type of training, kids getting here.” He told that the entire entrepreneur fortunately or unfortunately don’t have color, religion, creed, nation, origin or whatever you call it, entrepreneurship is something which either you have it or not. He discussed about the opportunity in IT in India and said it is just beginning even having a lot of people in IT in India. He advised to try to imagine what it may be like after 100 year to be a successful entrepreneur and prove it by taking examples from history like Netflex, iphone etc. Dr. Gautam suggested 3 things to do those entrepreneurs always do –
  • Think ……..the unthinkable
  • Reach……...the unreachable
  • Dream……..the impossible

He pressured more on the last point to dream that is impossible with the Great Einstein’s statement – “Imagination is much more important than knowledge”. He suggested audiences not to be dependent on technology if they want to be an entrepreneur because it is not the technology that make entrepreneurs.
The faculty coordinator of the event was Dr. Manoj Patwardhan.

Correspondent: Girish Gupta(IPG2008)


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