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Outlook ranking parameter wise breakdown

After getting a reasonably good rank, many of us are still regretting for IIITM Gwalior not making it into the elite 10. Now since we are in top 25, getting into the league of elite 10 is the next challenge for which we have to travel a long journey, which would take a few more years. Looking at the pace we are moving at  now, being amongst the top 10 engineering institutions is not a day dream.

IIITM Gwalior
ranked       3rd  in Top 10 Engineering Colleges with Doctorates in Faculty  

ranked       23rd (140.7)  in  Selection Process

ranked       20th (148.0)  in  Academic Excellence

ranked       20th (117.0)  in  Personality Development and Individual Interface

ranked       31st (119.9)  in  Infrastructure

ranked       26th (113.5 ) in  Placements

ranked       25th (639.1)  in  Overall score

Outlook presents an in-depth analysis of the scores and their meanings, however it is essential to understand the position from our perspective, in regard to the future of the Institute. The reason of low performance of IIITM Gwalior on issues like infrastructure resulted in loosing out from the other institutes which ultimately led to not being in top 10. Following is parameter-wise analysis of the scenario from our perspective.

Selection Process: Here new students get admission through AIEEE which has got its own limitations. Top rankers of JEE, the entrance examination behind IITs, who also occupy top positions in AIEEE chose to join IITs more than the offerings of the institutes through AIEEE. Hence IITs have a certain edge.

The second, factor of concern is the opening and closing rank in AIEEE. IIITM Gwalior always fills within top 1% rankers in AIEEE, though the top 100 rankers usually do not chose this Institute. The reason behind this is that IIITM Gwalior offers only 5 year integrated post graduate program in IT and Management. It has been seen that students generally prefer Computer Science and Electronics over IT. Those who are really interested in IT, for them IIITM Gwalior is the best institution. It's quite an irony that IT sector, that provides most of the jobs in India, is still a 3rd option for new students. Those who are seeking career in IT should generally prefer IT as core branch and try to get admission in top IIITs of India.

Academic Excellence: Being a new entrant with just a decade old, IIITM Gwalior is yet to fully mature to compete with the 50 year old IITs. The teaching methodology and academia are still nurturing. In some fields we are at par with leading institutions, but some others require more time and patience to develop to the fullest.

Some other reasons include in-sufficient data sent to the survey officials regarding student and college achievements, recent developments, etc. Data in these regards was not properly documented. Hope after getting ISO-9001 accreditation things would be documented properly.

Personality Development and Individual Interface: On this parameter, institute has already taken stern steps like hiring of training and placement consultant from industry on contract which partially defies the Govt. selection norms. The results to these steps would be visible in due course of time.

Infrastructure: As being a decade old institution, some of the construction activities is still running. The construction is being done by  private companies on institute has not control directly they are responsive to MHRD only.

Large parts of the campus including the Swimming Pool, Sports Complex, Hospital, Multi-storage central library and Public auditorium  are still in the developing phase.

With the pace these construction activities are being done, we hope in next 2-3 years we must have all of the above listed under construction projects in complete phase.   

Placement: Institute always provides close to 100% placement each year. The difference is only in the variance of packages. The companies in dream slot select less. While our major recruiter provide average packages.

Another reason is that, as being research focused institute, one fourth of the students prefer higher studies, so they don't seat in placements.

Some of the students opt out of the placements to have their own start-ups.
one more reason is Gwalior is not one of the major cities of the country that has its own related problems.So some companies generally shy to come to Gwalior.    

Footnotes :

The authors do think that some claims in article are too big. This is what also came to their minds.
i) Top 10 would always include 7 IITs, 3 NITs, BITS and other top graded institutes, assuming they participate every year. A dream of top 10 may be like making a fool of ourselves, or the readers.
ii) Being in top 10 does not require competition with IITs, still they are counted as only 7 in number (assuming others pre-mature). Article claims multiple times that very soon we beat the IITs. This might look like IITs claiming 2 beat MIT!

Contributor: Rahul Kala


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