Thursday, February 17, 2011

Effects of names on personality

While most people think of names as a way of identifying others, there is evidence that names also a psychological aspect- names play a role of some importance in our mental life, and may even influence our conduct is subtle ways which we fail to recognize. Scientific evidence of the psychological effects of names of the bearer’s self-concept is a relatively recent, but there is historical evidence that as early as 2000 B.C. people thought proper names had the power to determine the bearer’s destiny.

The effect of names on personality begins at birth and extends throughout life.

A child’s name, like his somatstype, is generally a settled affair when his first breath is drawn and his future personality must then grow with in its show. A powerful meromorphic boy must experience a different world from his puny counterpart: and similarly a boy who answers to a unique, peculiar or feminine name may well have experiences and feelings in growing up that are quite unknown. One would expect these different childhood experiences to be reflected in the subsequent personality. It is plausible and confirmed by clinic experience to assume also that some individuals are seriously affected as a result of a peculiar name.

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