Friday, June 29, 2012

Abhishar Volume: 1 (Feb' 2012)

Abhishar literally means companionship - has evolved from Abhinav and Tushar, the two most efficient, indispensable work engines of AASF - Abhigyan Abhikaushalam Students' Forum.

This annual magazine of ABV-IIITM published by AASF is an apposite concoction of Music, Technology and Institute talks. AASF is one of  the most active students' forums of ABV-IIITM. Various hIQs and sessions on technical & managerial topics are organised under aegis of AASF for the students of the institute. AASF also conducts various events for the all round development of students.

Volume 1 of Abhishar is launched on Febrauary 28, 2012..

Here goes the Abhishar Volume 1...

Abhishar Volume: 1 (Feb 2012) 

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