Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Awareness Of Social Status

                                A B V IIITM GWALIOR ( 30-march-2011)

            " sociempathic ability," the ability to perceive one's own and others' sociometric status, is at the basis of the influence that social acceptance has on personality. It determines the quality of the person's  behavior, his adjustment to social situations, and his social effectiveness.

              Up to the age of 4 or 5 years, the child is not clearly aware of how others feel about him. consequently , he is relatively uninfluenced by the degree of  social acceptance he enjoys . After that age , he gradually becomes aware of how people feel about others and also about him.This awareness he show by such comments as " She doesn't  like me so i don't like her ." In addition , the child begins to recognizes levels of preference . He recognizes that some children are liked better then others, some are disliked, and some are ignores. similarly he realizes that some people like him, some dislike him, and some ignore him.

              Each year as his social horizons broaden and as his opportunities for social contact increases , the young person's sociempathic  ability improves. the accuracy of this ability helps to determine how much and what type of influence the group will  have on him. If he believes, even incorrectly  , that everyone likes him, he will develop a pattern of behavior quite different from that which he would develop  if he believed everyone disliked him.

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