Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Importance Of Learning Opportunities

                                       A B V IIITM  GWALIOR MP ( 30-march-2011)

                   A person must have opportunities to learn how to behave in a socially approved way. If his attitudes toward people and social experiences are favorable, he will have the necessary motivation to take advantage of the learning opportunities . But motivation alone is not enough. His learning must be guided and controlled so that he will learn how to behave in a manner that will win social approval and acceptance. To be successful, guidance must help him learn how to get along with people and how to adjust his interests and desires to those of the members of the group with which he is identified. While a child may learn,through trial and error , how to behave in a socially accepted way, he may , before he is finally successful, have to do a lot of learning and unlearning . He may , for example, go through periods of being bossy, a poor sport, or a "crybaby" before he discovers that the methods he is using to make contacts with others are not socially acceptable.

                 Studies show that guidance contributes significantly to socialization. When preschool children play together without adult supervision or without the adults who are present actively seeking to guide them, their relationships are considerably more hostile than when they are supervised and provided guidance in playingf together in a friendly , cooperative way .                                           

                  Since the basis for social contacts outside the home in early childhood is the play group, the child must be accepted by members of the play group if he is to have continued opportunities to learn to be social.Guidance from adult  aids acceptance in many helps the children to play in a cooperative manner , helps him to acquire skills that make his play more helps him learn to play in a sex-appropriate manner.

                   One of the areas in which guidance can help the child to acquire skill is communication . In any play group, communication is essential  to group belonging . just talking is not enough ; the child must talk about topics that interest his friends and he must talk in a manner that wins their approval . Without guidance , the child may talk almost exclusively about himself, which is boring to other children , or he may constantly boast , ridicule others, or make derogatory comments, which is ego-inflating but irritating to playmates.

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