Sunday, September 13, 2009

PPC updates:Academic Scorecard: a Balance scorecard (BSC) implication in educational perspectives

3rd Sept, 2009,
IIITM Gwalior.

An extensive session of alumni, two days after the meet, meeting above the expectation of SH2 syndrome, supposed to be a peroration but ended with rhyme of changing note.

Two alumni with two hundred audiences of eleven batches were bringing ray of satisfaction in both needy eyes of mentors and director. The number on steps were providing a healthy competition to the number on chairs.

Mr. Sidharth Bhargva(Nucleus software pvt ltd., Delhi) and Mr. Nishant Vyas(Oracle India , Mumbai ) of batch MBA2002-04 were come back to their Alma-Mater with an innovative return in the form new grade card,an Academic Scorecard in their terminology. They Presented an innovative model on grading system .Their idea was to change the process of grading system of the institute according to industry requirement. In their Model , they gave 70% of total weightage on academics and the rest 30% is for other co-curricular and extra curricular activities that is further broken up into Management skills , Social Engineering, Sports, Cultural activities etc.

This was just a model which is put up on the table for faculty and the director to analyze and implement. It was an interactive session and a lot of suggestions were received .The feedback were recorded for further analysis and updation.

The second part of the session was a presentation for job seekers . Mr Nishant Vyas presented what a recruiter wants and briefed everybody about various jobs available in the present market. Finally, he presented a set of photographs and quizzes to the sitting audiences. The session ended with the feedbacks of Training & Placement representatives and industry ambassadors of various batches.

This was the first in the series of alumni lectures to be delivered in this semester.
The next in the series is lecture of Mr. Veer Narayan Kulkarni of Wipro, an alumni of batch of 2002, on Tostmaster, a tool for communication skill development, scheduled for next weekend.

Correspondent : Sadanand (IPG09), Abhishek Jha (IPG08)

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