Sunday, September 6, 2009

A walk down memory lane :Dr Mahim Sagar: A memoir of an Alumni

IIITM Gwalior is amazing place and as I go back to my memory, I came to this institute to join the PhD programme .The selection was through entrance test and nearly 100 candidates gave the exam for the PhD. out of which only 5 were selected, this was a rare example where a very young institute in its starting year started a very successful and ambitious PhD Programme. The institute was taking the shape of a world class institute of excellence under the mentorship of Prof. D.P.Agrawal Sir , I remember those days when the team of dedicated faculty like Dr Deepali Singh madam and Dr R Sahu were developing the institute under the mentorship of Prof D.P. Agrawal. The institute was new and full of activity. The IIITM Gwalior at that point was in the make shift campus at MITS and the campus was being constructed at the present site. We used to see the tremendous Hard work of the faculty and also the inherent zeal to build the Indian Institute form the scratch . In this hectic activity the academic was of prime importance I remember Prof Agrawal sir used to visit the research scholar room daily and used to motivate us to do a new and world class Research. , As research scholar we were lucky to have a bunch of very good batch mates like I remember Saji who is now with TAPMI , Sujoy who is now joining IIT Kharagapur , Durgesh Ji who is now at IIM Shilong and Sandeep who is now at J.P, Shweta is now a consultant in USA and Sajal is now faculty at various institutes abroad.

I remember that, the approach of Prof. D.P.Agrawal sir was create young leaders by giving them opportunities like the institute labs were managed by students only, the cultural clubs and Placement was also managed by students. The students were being mentored to become the brand ambassador of the institute. At that time the institute was being constructed and the luxury of big labs was not their but the zeal inculcated by Dr Deepali Singh and other faculty was there to do world class research which was evident from my research which I did on Ethical Brand Positioning under the guidance of Dr Deepali Singh and I must say as student that she was there when institute was incepted and also now with the institute when it is growing and I think she has forgone various offers from other prestigious institute to serve and build IIITM, she has rather made the most significant contribution in development of the Institute. Now when I see this modern campus equipped with all facilities I feel proud and happy that the seed has developed into mature plant under which the knowledge will be delivered and I am very sure that under the dynamic and visionary leadership Professor S.G.Deshmukh Sir the excellence will be delivered

Dr Mahim Sagar
Assistant Professor
Department of Managment Studies
Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi
IIT-Delhi (

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