Saturday, September 5, 2009

Is your boss HARI SADU?: A session by Alumni during Alumni meet'09

It all began from a simple line of one advertisement, “Is your boss HARI SADU?” these were the words reminded by our esteemed alumni Mr. Veer Narayan Kulkarni in the alumni meet 2009. Mr. Veer Narayan Kulkarni is a 2002 passout from IIITM and has 7 years of work experience in Wipro.
For all who don’t know about “Hari Sadu” can watch this commercial of

H – Hitler - Dictator
A - Arrogant
R - Rascal
I - Idiot
S - Shameless
Mr. Kulkarni told that in order to tackle such people like “Hari Sadu” we have to develop ourselves. It was an amusing and interesting presentation that caught the attention of all, sitting in big seminar hall(SH2).
Here comes, a simple elaboration of his golden 'practical words':
Communication Skills:
The first step is to develop our Communication Skills. As most people think communication skill comprises of only verbal and written communication but it also comprises of one more very important fact i.e. listening. When in an organization we have to listen carefully to our seniors, colleagues as well as subordinates.
Interpersonal Skills:
Interpersonal skills help a lot in inspiring others and resolving conflicts. He told that if possible we should try to get into customer facing roles like sales, service, support etc. in starting. These really help a lot in developing interpersonal skills. If our interpersonal skills are good then we can maintain good coordination even with the worst bosses like Hari Sadu.
Self Confidence:
He told that we should believe in ourselves. We should have the ability to convey our thoughts and abilities. We should have hunger for success. He stated that taste of success is so good that if someone tastes it then he gets addicted to it and want more. So we should get our first taste of success. He also stated that we should use the first name of a person instead of using “Sir” or “Madam” in our institute because it boosts an ample amount of self confidence.
Humanity and willingness to (un)learn:
Now with the heading itself there was a big question mark on everyone’s faces that “why unlearn”? It was quickly noticed by Mr. Kulkarni and he explained that we have to unlearn some of our bad habits which we have. It is a very important part in improving ourself. Willingness includes willingness to learn new skills and techniques. We should be knowledge hungry learner and be quick to assimilate new concepts.
Team player:
It includes ability to effectively work with team members from different teams, geographies, time zone, culture etc. We should sacrifice short term gains for long term betterment of the team. We should indulge in role plays to assist our learning.
Other Basic Requirement:
There are some other basic requirement stated by him, they are:-
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Motivation
  • Strong work ethic
  • Analytical skills
  • Technical skills
  • Flexibility/adaptability
  • Multicultural sensitivity / awareness
  • Planning/organizing

And so an excellent presentation came to an end with a laud clapping and appreciation of students, faculty and other alumni. Students were so happy after the presentation that if asked to rate it on a scale of 10 then all would have rated it either 9 or 10. Many even told to the ones who missed it “yaar tughe aaj ke presentation main hona chahiye tha” (you should have attended today’s presentation). Actions and reactions of all said it clearly “We are proud to have an alumni like u”.

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