Wednesday, September 8, 2010

They say,"We are The Next Innovation of Change!"

They say,"We are The Next Innovation of Change! We are Redonic".
Explaining the lexicographical meaning of the Hybrid word Redonic, the team Redonic say, "Redonic= Redo+NIC(the initials of Next, Innovation and Change), so we are proud to be part of dream Redonic."

We have come a long way since our establishment 10 years ago. Our main vision is to used to provide a path to develop a career in the filed of IT and Management. We were trained to do the manual jobs. Now the new breed of IIITMites are redfining this vision in their own innovative way. Within these small span of 10 years IIITM is proud to produced 17 successful entrepreneurs, which is highest among IIITs.

They are few, they are short of resources but they are enough to lead the rest. Now final year students love to say 'No' to placements. They are more keen to become employer of the future than manual bug into the system.

The team "Redonic" possesses the similar caliber of significant young entrepreneurs of IIITM.With having a pan India Healthcare consultancy plan in the process of actualization they have traveled a long distance in education within a very short span of time.

One of the founding member of the Redonic Campus Care , Mithilesh Kumar says,"The biggest pride for us that our own institute is taking service from us, we are the first to achieve this feat among all past entrepreneurs of IIITM". He further adds," While we are starting in Healthcare, we have got bigger support in education. DMS, IIT D is now mentoring our plan of education. Now with the help of IIT D Incubation center we are in the process of getting patent for new model on "Campus Process Reengineering".
About his plan in Healthcare he says,"We are starting from Bareilly from mid of October 2010."

So, they were having Idea, they planned and now they are making changes with new innovation.
As they rightly said, "The Next Innovation of Change."

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