Wednesday, July 1, 2009

IIITM Gwalior is among Top 8 Institutes of Higher Education in India

Another feather in the cap for IIITM Gwalior is here.
IIITM Gwalior has been listed among Top 8 Institutes of Higher Education in India by High Commission of India, London.
Here is the complete list :

Institutes of Higher Education:

*For more details, you can see here.
*To read more about High Commission's view about IIITM , you can click here.


PV said...

Good news :)

explications said...

Aah! Looks like the cocoon of indifference has wilted and IIITM has started to make the indelible impression....

johney said...

Forgive me, but I am rather skeptical about the whole business.

mightydreams said...

This is a very old news have seen it years back

ReferenceBuddy said...

hmmm thanks!
we know that ...But
This is first time that it is being declared publicly on IIITM Blog.
And, it's irony for IIITM that hardly anyone know about this before.
That's why we need to recollect our ...
strength on a unique platform.
Please help us in making this a movement.

raghavan said...

I was really happy before i read the actual link. But after seeing the actual link of the , i am unimpressed. It was only mentioned that they r the institutes of higher learning. Let's write and talk abt facts not some hypothetical assumptions. If by mistake i missed the link where it is clearly mentioned that the insti is in top 8, pls do send me the link.

raghavan said...

and yeah somebody post a message to hcilondon to change the heading of the page from IIT guwahati to IIITM gwalior matching the subject of the page and ask them to spell check IIITM

ReferenceBuddy said...

Thanks for pointing the errors.
We have sent a mail to concerning body at British High commission regarding the errors on "Studying in India page" of High commission.

Hopefully there would be an instantaneous amendment concerning the fact of " high responsiveness of British environment".