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Is the Ranking of Institutions/colleges money making business ?

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"invisible Mithilesh

Is the Ranking of colleges money making business ?

It's Addmission time for all the graduate and post graduate colleges in India.
In this big moment for dreamy talents every tom, dick and harry in Education industry are grossing there profits.
Most of the time students got confuzed due to Ranking of Isnti. Some of the insti are good for nothing but still they have been ranked high and hence attract good students.
Some of the old MHRD sponsored Insti like IIITM Gwalior( is missing in the list. What dose it all mean ???
I would like to bring attentions of honest CNN- IBN reporters to bring some exploring results .
Thanks and Regards.
*Jun 25 (4 days ago)

It is definitely a big scam. These magazines/newspapers that put out these rankings earn money through ads. So if XYZ college put loads of ads in a magazine, why wouldn't the college get a better ranking?

The most reliable ranking is that by The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). Actually, it does not rank but gives a grade (like AAA). The best grade indicates an excellent institute. I don't blindly support Government bodies but this won is autonomous and is more reliable that private rankings.
*Jun 26 (3 days ago)

Why do you need ranking ?

The basic and only purpose of Colleges should be Parting knowledge and certificate of knowledge achieved.

Why should one need rankings unless you want to make Colleges a money making that case they should be taxed.
*Jun 26 (3 days ago)

Another Crap
see here ...
this year result
still nt able to find the reason y IIITM Gwalior is excluded ?? :X
For more reference about IIITM see here ,where we stand :
Jun 28 (1 day ago)

Whenever a magazine runs a rating exercise, they will seek institutions response.

If institution does not give its response or not interested in the rating exercise, the institute is exempted.

may be IITM exclusion is for the above.

The idea of ranking is to keep the students informed. while ranking, the magazine will also publish the factors considered for ranking etc.

instead of just going by the rank...students can see the factors on which scoring is done and finalise their priority.
*Jun 28 (1 day ago)

Why don you think the other way, its rather helps students to choose there college. Above all, colleges are rated with respect to the infrastructure, the faculty, number of students making into top notch companies, etc..etc..
I feel its helping students and parents, guiding them to good colleges.
Regarding IIITM Gwalior( missing in the list, really confusing that a premier institute like IIITM has not been listed, also raising questions like on what basis the ranking is being made. Well, the thread creator has made a valid point, some one should monitor this ranking system for sure.
*11:59 am (11 hours ago)

What will a College get - if ranked higher ?

Why Colleges need ranking ?
*10:37 pm (1 hour ago)

A valid Question !!!

There are clearly two gain for colleges if they are ranked high or low :
1. Short term,
2.Long Term

1. Short term:
In short term gain if a particular coll/insti is ranked high, then it will attract high ranker students, industry partners etc.
If the certain coll is ranked low and if it's old institution of national importance then it'll list affected, and if that coll is new then it will show negative impact on overall brand image.
So, in short term benefit college will attract talented students in particular year.

2.Long Term
The long term benefit is only for those colleges those are really deserving their ranking .
For private money making institutions the effect is same, they have to rely on their ad campaign in media.
*11:53 pm (2 minutes ago)

Another Reference

See some IIITM Gwalior's achievements here:
ABV-IIITM Students bring Laurels in ICPC World Finals Held in Stock Holm
*11:56 pm (0 minutes ago)"

Click to chat tapas

Well the insitutes like IITs and IIITs and IIITMs do not need a ranking to show that they are best in their respective domians but the point is when a premier institute does not turns up in such rankings then it means such magazines are misleading some of the students who might not be aware of good options to make their career hence mithilesh your point is very valid as are these rankings just a money making business
you can read the following links
which were old news and the best of talent had competed
A team of IPG 2003 students from IIITM Gwalior Anuj Kumar Goyal, Kunal Garg, Mohit Garg has one first prize in Open Source Software contest 2006-07 beating the best of the institutes of country like IIT Bombay and various other NIT's to see these links at bottom move your mouse button over the red colored text.
These links were posted on 12th October 07 .If you are looking it at a later date and in case they do not work click here Google search .
Just to tell you these were the ranks year 2006 we got first prize at then here is a link
and there are more news recently from the institute
*11:54 am (14 minutes ago)

Jun 30 (1 day ago)
Abhishek Mumbai

Ranking attracts Talented students..

Quite an irony !!!

If a good college can not polish average students, and they can only teach students who are already sharp and talented.. then what its good for ????????

Jun 30 (1 day ago)

Do average students reach IITs ?
Go and ask this question to the graduates of IITs,IIMs,IIITs where top 1% brains of country reach.
One can see JEE,AIEEE opening and closing ranks or ask US universities which after receiving so many applications from GRE aspirants ask for Recos,CGPA,Scores I don't think average students reach there.
Well the institutes like IITs, IIITs and IIITMs do not need rankings to show that they are best in their respective domains its an irony that a premier institute does not turns up in such rankings so that it self questions the genuineness of such rankings.

Jun 30 (1 day ago)

As far as IIITM is concerned there are many links which one can search
where the students have been giving promising results year after year which have been even recognized via the corporate groups
Check these
1 )
you can see rank 1 on above link was IIITM 2007
Contest was organized via IBM
2) Following link from google
just confirm from the Eklavya at IIT B
announces team from IIITM Gwalior as winner of Open Source Software Contest
Sponsored by Red Hat and KReSIT, IIT Bombay
3) Microsoft's Code4Bill where students make it to top 20 from the country
4) ACM ICPC international programming contest 2009 world finals
5) Economic Times Power of Ideas contest 2009 where students have made it to finals of the contest among the best contest to reach the VCs from Angel Investment Group in India the contest is still going on results awaited
There are more links for many more results exist.
Visit the International Journals and Conferences from ACM,IEEE,DMIN where students from the institute year after year have been able to publish research papers in their domains which are internationally recognized via concerned communities.
When students from an institute are giving year after year promising results if you talk in terms of infrastructure,faculty,course, students, the competition they face to enter IIT JEE or AIEEE or the results which they are giving ,how do these results missed from IIITM when such rankings are made.

Jul 2 (21 hours ago)
Abhishek Mumbai

IIT - No Contribution

The IITs are the most honored and valued technical institute of India. But the number IItians involved in Building a new India is same or even less other technical institutes.

IIT is more of a pride, less of a contribution !!!

Jul 3 (17 hours ago)

See, the reason the IITs are given so much hype is because of their entrance exam, which is one of the hardest in the world. They take in very bright students, polish them a little bit, and send out very bright (post)graduates.

The reason these rankings flourish in India is because we LOVE to compare things. It is very easy to rank first and then provide methodology and other details. Sadly, most parents believe in such rankings and don't care to cross-check. And that's why this ranking-business is flourishing. Haven't you seen IIPM's ads?!

8:52 pm (0 minutes ago)


The pain of 'Haunted' Talents

Increased aggressive marketing of so called money making institution like IIPM, VIT, Bharti Vidyapith,Amity uni. have made negative impact on the minds of budding talents of our country.
Sometimes deserving talents prefer these business academy over institution of national importance. Due to their immature decision they land themselves into a provocative environment where everything prevails except study.

At later state they start trying to mock themselves like other highly donated upper cremey layer students.

And finally they misled themselves into darker world of never ending desires where placement, package are everything.

I fill piety for these youths of the nation.

Hope, one day these money making institutions will start promoting 'The Vikram Sarabhai' in their campuses.

God Save Indian Institution of Education!


3:24 pm (3½ hours ago)
looking for a

Mithilesh, In case of IIITM it is the institute that refrained from being in the rankings.. If some surveyor or magazine comes and asks for permission, the institute decides whether to participate or not.

Here IIITM opted out of rankings coz they r sponsored most of the time. The more ads and more money u give the better rank they might give. And they give some good institutes better rankings irrespective of the money to make people believe they r genuine.

So it's the institute's responsibility and as well as the student's to make advertise in such a way that these surveyors cannot ignore .. That's how it should be done..

busy Mithilesh4:40 pm (2 hours ago)

Why Do we need advertisement ?

I think ad and advertisement must be excluded from insti activity domain.
The achievements of these very isntis speaks everything....
They are simply the best in their field.
Who will ignore them

6:38 pm (4 minutes ago)Abhishek Mumbai

All Colleges Advertising should be taxed

If the Colleges are advertising then it should be taxed as they are looking to make profit out of a non-Profit domain.

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