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Team from IIITM won the 1st position in Lord of the code 2007-08

Team comprising of Rahul Kala,Chandra Prakash,Dhirender Sharma and Rahul Khandelwal secured 1st position in Lord of the code. The competition was organized by Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology (KReSIT), IIT Bombay and Red Hat.
Their software was titled "Central System for Admission to Universities (CSAU)" The project is available under Creative Commons License at the project site.

This is the 2nd time consequitivetly that IIITM has won the first position in this competition.

For details please visit the project site :-

Brief Project Report of the team:


We are very much acquainted with the fact that looking at the diversity of courses offered in each university and the number of colleges per university, it is very difficult for both the students and the university officials to co-ordinate.We propose to make a central system ‘Central System for Admission to Universities (CSAU)’ that can be used by the universities and other organizations like CCB/AIEEE for having end-to-end solutions to every phase of the admission right from the application submission to the allotment of the college, branch and hostel..The main idea is to automate the entire task, making it a lot more time-saving, cost-saving and easily accessible by the students, officials and Universities.


  • Use of modern technologies in the admission procedures
  • Transparency of the system
  • Security of the system from illegal intrusions
  • Security from lost/lack of internet connectivity at crucial times (alternative measures provided)
  • Time-saving, cost-saving measures
  • Ease of adaptation to diverse systems being implemented presently
  • Provision of integration with manual work at every step
  • The system has a very strong back-end design which has been especially designed and analyzed exhaustively with a lot of time and effort.


Project Features

  • Online (and offline) Selling of form
  • Online form filling
  • Online form updation
  • Online form verification
  • Offline verification of things not verified online, or which cant be verified online
  • E-Exam
  • E-Counselling
  • Online preparation of question paper
  • Online admin control for paper setting
  • Online declaration of exam, counseling and hostel allotment results
  • Central admin control at all levels for every official to monitor/control/manipulate data at any level according to privilegesCentral place for all sorts of static and dynamic information to be available online, like seats/contact information/procedure/updates etc.)

Components from other projects:

  • Database Server: DB2 (v9.1, IBM)
  • Web Server: Websphere (IBM)
  • Application Server: WAS (Websphere Application Server, IBM)
  • WSAD: Development Tool
  • IDE: Eclipse, Rational Application Developer
  • J2EE: Application Architecture (Sun Microsystems)
  • Language: J2EE, SQLJ
  • XDoclet
  • Sun Mail APIs


The system has a very strong back-end design which has been especially designed and analyzed exhaustively with a lot of time and effort. At the time of design we had come to know of enumerable number of ways in which an examination/counseling can be conducted (eg. Counseling procedures for CAT MBA, counseling patterns for MP PET, examination system of IIT JEE(screening and mains), examination system for AIEEE(one paper, fully objective)). The back-end design needs no modification whatsoever to adapt to any of these changes, only modifications to the front-end and business logic are required.

The market which consists of Indian Universities, organizations like AIEEE/CCB and IIT-JEE, university like IIITM, Gwalior which takes students from outside examinations like CAT admissions for MBA. Because of the use, the software is likely to be sold directly to these organizations

Saving paper, resources, manpower, money is a social cause. Since government is the major customer, the govt. money would be saved which can be used for development.

Practical Application:

The University Admission System is mainly dedicated to facilitate all procedures of Admissions ,online in Universities. So that Man power could be reduced in all admission procedures and time could be saved.

The project consists all admission procedures Online.

  • · Admission Form fulfillment by candidate
  • · Form checking & Identity verification.
  • · Examination center allotment
  • · Admission cards distribution.
  • · Examination conduction
  • · Result (Merit list)declaration
  • · Score card & counseling letter distribution.
  • · Counseling procedure.
  • · College allotment.
  • · Hostel allotment.

University Admission System is undoubtedly Applicable in all universities which provides higher education.


We hereby declare that the project described above is an original work of our team and all help taken from external sources has been duly mentioned.

--Team spiritIIITM

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