Thursday, July 30, 2009

1st yr Orientation, Odd sem'2009-10: A Retentive Show !

It is well said that when change starts assuming its shape ,its effect becomes ubiquitous. Last year initiation is getting the momentum of transformation.Yesterday's(29th July'09) first year orientation program was vindicating the same. Leaving aside the technical glib, the way the whole show were presented shows the rejuvenated zeal of renovated IIITM.

From emcee to epilogue, from Tour de force of IIITM to disappearing Topsy Turvey of IIITM staffs, everything was endearing.

The First time ...
  • This was the first time when venue of the event was shifted to it's most deserving location (newly constructed auditorium , still it will take 3+ months in full functioning).
  • This was the first time, when we witnessed a 'change', 'change' in the way of presenting the things. Like, hostel warden was putting everything in details from no. of rooms to no. of cots.
  • This was the first time, when registrar was presenting the academic life cycle of a student in IIITM in detail with depiction of his administrative hierarchy.
  • This was the first time in the history of IIIT's when IIITM Gwalior has started institute's fully paid premium medical insurance for students.
  • Again this was the first time when largest number of faculty introduced themselves during an event with 4 new faces.

The most surprising fact was that when jammed jamboree of Audi got the exact no. of labs, PCs and other related facilities in detail in presentation.

Rest other activities were humdrum except non formal presentation of student life @ IIITM.

The most intresting (rather irritating: the taste of testy no, guys remember the cell no: 94******* :P) part of the whole show was the commercial show of our bearer banks. Gosh! i'm running out of the adjectives !

The peroration was stunning as usual. The reuniting speech of our hourable director, prof. Dr. S. G. Deshmukh sir was infact the curtain raiser at the end.

The rejonavating speech of chief guest Mr. Majmoodar would remain forever in the minds of all the budding IIITMites.

Recollect the concept of 32 from his speech (Dekho 32 samajh gaya aur tu nahi samjhi. ;))

PS: Here the term 'Show' is delibaratly used many times: The hiatus show in new audi (show with an interval ;))


Chandra Sekhar said...

Good work...

vishal said...

Commendable efforts mithilesh .....keep it up man !!! we all are with u...& together we can make a difference .....!!!!....vishal pradhan