Monday, April 4, 2011


    Deviant intelligence inevitably leaves its mark on the personality pattern. As has been stressed above, this is not because of deviant intelligence per se but rather is not because of the attitudes of the social group toward the deviant. And. As noted, the attitudes of the social group are influenced by the way the person behaves.

        The effect on the self-concept is greatly by how the person with deviant intelligence believes others feel about  his being different and how they treat him while he is still young  and in the process of developing a concept of himself as a person. If they think of him as “different” he will think of himself in that way too, This make it difficult for him to behave normally and to express his feelings toward people in a friendly way. His behavior thus reinforces the unfavorable social attitudes.

Personality is the sum total of ways in which an individual reacts and interacts with others. Or Personality is generally defined as the deeply ingrained and relatively enduring patterns of thought, feeling and behavior. In fact, when one refers to personality, it generally implies to all what is unique about an individual, the characteristics that makes one stand out in a crowd.

Personalities is the sum total of individual’s Psychological traits, characteristics, motives, habits, attitudes, beliefs and outlooks.

Personality Determinants:

Heredity: Heredity refers to those factors that were determined at conception. Physical structure, facial attractiveness, gender, temperament, muscle composition and reflexes, energy level, and biological rhythms are characteristics that are generally considered to be either completely or substantially influenced by who your parents were, that is by their biological, physiological and inherent psychological make up.

Environment: The environmental factors that exert pressures on our personality formation are the culture in which we are raised, our early conditioning, the norms among our family, friends and social groups, and other influences that we experience. The environment to which we are exposed plays a substantial role in shaping our personalities.

Situation: A third factor, the situation, influences the effects of heredity and environment on personality. An individual’s personality although generally stable and consistent, does change in different situations. The varying demand of different situation calls forth different aspects of one’s personality. We should not therefore look upon personality patterns in isolation.

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