Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our views in favor of Anna Hazare campaign

A few days back Anna Hazare started campaign against corruption, scams and other unfair activities. For the same he is campaigning for Jan Lokpal(Public Ombudsman) Bill which is pending from last 42 years. People followed the campaign and escorted him.

Whatever speculation made by critics this campaign is supported by millions of Indian from heart and soul. It's too early to comment on its social message and historical inferences but its not less than Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan's Total Revolution.

The support of media both electronic and print are unprecedented. And the newly emerged social media aka facebook and twitter are behaving as last screw in the coffin for corrupt main line politicians.

He was honored bye huge population. His campaign was in interest of public and country. If he gets support of the people then country can be free from corruption. Rich and poor can get advantage, ruling party can give good performance to make strong nation. Then it is sure we can get justice and make our country strong and free from corruption,and unemployment and hence free from age old poverty.
May be we can really say that our country can be flourished.

by B.S.Bhadoria

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Gaurav Ojha said...

Finally, the campaign was successful !