Thursday, April 21, 2011

Views against female foeticide

It is well known to all there is a steep fall in the male- female ratio. Law does not following the rule of law and violating the rule and getting their female child aborted. The impact of such type activities will not be good in society, they will have to suffer. Abortion should be strongly banned, those who does not follow the law they should suffer under breaking the law. It has been cleared of female foetus creating problem in society making gape between male and female population.


Evil of dowry- The towering dowry demand is one of the main reason for female foeticide. When girl get married , as a mater of dignity too, more money and material goods are asked in dowry.So the girl is seen as a financial burden on the family right from the birth.

Social security- Due to the social security the male preference and ensuing elimination of the female, it is believed that males are bread earners of the family and they will look after parents in old age.

Small family norm- Faced with the social burden rarely anyone wants more child. Everyone wants one or two child, and males are demanding because the male offspring leads its generation forward.

Ill effects of female foeticide

The female foeticide can have great adverse effect on the mental and physical health of the mother.

India has one of the lowest sex ratios in the world which is 933 females/1000males, while the world population has a sex ratio of 990/1000 males.
If female foeticide is continued the way it it continuing it will render all the women and child health programmed a nullity.

"yatra nari pujyathe raman the tatra devatha" has been our culture. In our country girl is worshiped as a devi on one hand and denied her existence on the other as if she has no right to live. Now time has come for us to get rid of male chauvinism and treat children as a gift of nature regardless for their gender.Being a heath personals its our moral responsibility to create general awareness and end gender based discrimination.

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