Monday, August 10, 2009

8th Aug'09: Prof. VARUN ARYA in Campus!

The SH2 Syndrome:

SH2 during lecture

around 143 chairs, 3 sofas, 1 podium, 1 LCD projector, fully wired echo proof sound system, one white board, 2 markers with a spare duster in 50'x60' syndicate hall with one Balkishan (:P) have witnessed many speeches on various issues from interfaces of every walk of life. Podium remains the same, people keep changing.

'The SH2 Syndrome' once again witnessed the presence of an eminent personality of education sector in India. Prof. Varun Arya graced the gathering of budding managers on pious evening of Saturday 8th Aug.

Prof. Varun Arya, a product of IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad has over 16 years of experience in the senior positions with the leading companies. He holds a strong expertise in Sales & Marketing, Business Development and Profit Centre (SBUs) Management. For the last eight years he is associated with the shaping up of Aravali Institute of Management as a world-class management institute at Jodhpur in Rajasthan. In this capacity, he has also been the member of the Consultative Committee of FITT (Foundation for Innovation & Technology Transfer), the Institute-Industry interaction wing of IIT Delhi and the Academic Council of Global Business School, New Delhi. He has also been a part of the advisory committee in leading educational institutions and NGO’s. He also imparts his educational and industrial experience to the young minds through his lectures and workshops. Prof. Arya sincerely believes that people who have done well in their career and life should go back to their roots at a suitable time to do something constructive and substantial for their home state. This led to the birth of Aravali Institute of Management (AIM) in April 2000 which is the first management institute in Rajasthan having affiliation to the Common Admission Test (CAT) conducted by the prestigious IIMs.

Prof. Arya giving lecture

The jammed jamboree of SH2 was hypnotized by inspiring lecture of prof. Arya.The way he was presenting the things with his reallife experiences, we rarely see.

Yesterday when i saw a guest lecture notice in mess notice board, i thought this is going to be another normal boring lecture and hence erased the schedule from my mind just after noticing the notice.

In the evening, around 4 a phone call disturbed me with intimidation to attend the gathering.(Don't ask who intimidated !)
Anyhow i was brought.
Believe me or not the effect of the session on me is so mesmerizing that now I'm feeling happy in spoiling my weekend in silly writing for IIITM blog.

Even if an idealist would remain abuzz on seeing a person for whom president of India make exception. A man who made J.M Lingdoh to do exception for him; A man whose educational initiative has got F.M as no. 4 in BoG members. :O ; A man who has gone everywhere from nowhere; A man who has a novel for every question; A man who bent the tide each time he tried; A man who adamantly says 'no' to a chief minister; A man who made Rahul Bajaj to wear formals for his occasion; A man who used to spent times with Kiran Bedi during her troubled times; A man when her daughter went to an US university for higher education and during introduction she said my name is *** Arya and I'm from Jodhpur, then she was interrupted with reply, "are you daughter of Varun Arya ?".

Director, Prof. S.G Deshmukh presenting the memento to prof. Arya

Prof. Varun Arya is the man of Values, a true face of ethical networking, a man with whom PM wish to spent his spare time, a symbol of simplicity. On entering in SH2 i thought he might be a parent of some newly admitted student :) .

Gosh! i'm on way to finish a novel !
I think i should take a brake.

Keep updating...
Gud nite!

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