Tuesday, August 18, 2009

IIITM Alumni, Bangalore Chapter-I

Attended by 48 enthusiastic veterans from various batch starting from 2000 to 2008, the Bangalore chapter of the IIITM Alumni Association turned out to be the most efflorescent alumni meet in this history of IIITM, standing next only to the annual alumni meet held in the institute campus every year. The event marked a mutual appreciation between the institute and the alumni in Bangalore. The alumni appreciated the commendable developments that have taken place within the institute. On the other hand, the institute approved of the pivotal role that the Bangalore alumni can (and will) play in shaping the institute to world-class levels.

The gathering was a defining meet for both Bangalore alumni and the institute as the entire gamut of issues, directly or indirectly affecting the stakeholders, was discussed during the panel discussion that spanned for more than two hours. The structure of the Bangalore chapter of the IIITM Alumni Association was finalized with an outstanding consensus among the attendees.

As decided during the meet, the alumni meet in Bangalore will take place at a quarterly basis with the institute contributing to the arrangements at an annual basis. More details on the next meet will be communicated over email shortly.

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