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Interview with Amit Goyal: Study Days @ IIITM Gwalior : A jaunty Journey …

Amit Goyal: I think i'm not the right person to say anything about 'Amit Goyal' sir. Do ask his juniors , you would find a different 'Amit Goyal'. 'The bond' and 'the command' he used to build in his circle always inspires others.

Sidhi Baat (The Interview):

Name: Amit Goyal
Batch: IPG2002-07-M.Tech
Location:Saudi Arbia

Q.1. Your Intro ? (the first question for every IIITMite in so called intro :))
I am from 2002 IPG batch, many people will not know me by my pet name only "Gulli" given by my dearest friends. I am currently working with Wipro Infotech as a Information Security consultant to Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Q. 2. Define IIITM in your word?
A complete kingdom in itself where every kind of character could be found right from super intelligent students to hilariously crazy government employees . But above all, a nice student culture where people freely interact (sometimes extra freely) and ultimately the place that made me whatever i am today.

Q. 3.The most memorable moment @ IIITM ?
The whole five years were full of memorable experiences but if i have to write about one thing then i would say it will be the day when we kicked out the hostel mess contractor. It was something awesome thind which we had tried at lower levels many times but suddenly one day people got united and determined that this contractor has to go. Evene with all the connections, he had to leave hostel. Unnfortunately, i heard he is back in IIITM.....common guys, kick some a** again :P

Q. 4.Technology and Management in your words, how it become more special when it comes for IIITM ?
"humne management or technology ko bilkul aise mila dia hai jaise doodh vala dhoodh mein pani milata hai" words of a great director of IIITM. We laughed a lot at the ironic truth in those words. But when i started my career, to my surprise my practice manager told me i don hesitate to give project management responsibilities to you guys since in your college you studied a bit of management also. I believe the idea is really unique, just a better way of teaching can really bring out the benefits.

Q. 5.Your experience and strategy @ your work place: how did you develop your skills from null to pointer, please give us a biographical detail .
"Even if you have just heard the name of something, u can say you got a sound knowledge on that thing" our beloved Mr. Davesh sir used to say this, which actually reflects what the institute taught and i still use :P - a lot of confidence in your work. Doesn't matter whether you know anything or not, we are better than many others and we have developed a capability of learning. I believe that's the true aim of education - it should not teach you facts, it should develop the capabilities of learning.

Q. 6. A message to your all juniors, (something you aspired most @ IIITM and want the same in your juniors) …
I have heard a lot about the achievements about the junior batches and i wish they keep this going on. You may sometimes feel that institute is not coming up to your expectations, but never let this thing come in between you and success and It is the only place where you will make life time friends, so don let pretty issues come in between.

Q. 7.IIITM on lighter note: eg: IIITM is getting more greener with times, what do you think ???
No man it has lost few special characters like our GK sharma ji, katiyal sir

"hum to ek jeb mein aapna resignation letter rakhte hai aur doosri jeb mein aapna appointment letter, hume is institute mein kisi se koi dar nahi hai"

"arre tumne kya paper publish kia, humne to ek bar bas aise hi paper likha tha aur vo chap gaya, phir france ke log humare peeche pad gaye ki aao saath mein kaam karte hai...."

"aaj tumhe bahut khush hona chaiye, mein tumhare institute mein pehli bar municipality ka pani leke aaya hoo"

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Purushottam said...

Even repeating a good thing is better than just keeping mouth shutter down. I am 200% sure, Only one guy from my batch who can deliver the dialog in same order and fashion when it was come out first time from steamed engine :-). Beta bahut aage jayega, keep going. Aise tere dialog delivery se lagata hai ki agar tu burka pahan kar dialog maare to steamed engine se better jayega. Nice interview dude of cornered room-342 :-)