Wednesday, August 26, 2009

IIITM Academic Roll of Honour

In current changing IIITM, sign boards, dirction boards etc. are first to notice. Currently many larger piece of art are being installed in different halls/ locations.
In this series here comes, 'The Special'...

There is a installation of unique kind, a sign board of Academic Roll of Hounor at different locations , though it should had been put very earlier.

Indeed it will become a constant motivator for all.


Abhishek said...

Good job done....cheers.

Vidhu Sharma said...

This is Super Cool.

An initiative done is better than an effort put in and not recognized.

I would like to Thank the Institute and Coordinating students for making this possible.

(BTW: My Name also in the Roll of honor :-) )

Vidhu Sharma
ISM - 2004 - 06

Alok Kumar said...

I wish, if Roll of Honorers could have done something honorary in the life.