Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interview with Mayur Gupta: Study Days @ IIITM Gwalior : A jaunty Journey …

Mayur Gupta:On receiving our questionnaire, Mayur's answer was, "Why us ? we are the youngest alumni whose one leg is still in IIITM [:O] ."
Honest answer: you are The Latest !

It took thousand lines of chat(not code :P) to turn him on for the interview [;)].
There are a lot more to write about him than he written for prescribed questions.
He is one of the first timers of IIITM. He is first certified designer of IIITM ([;)] 3 infotsav, 3 aurora), one of the most 'talked about' persons in media during his days @ IIITM, the youngest entrepreneur, the top downlaoder[;)]...

Finally thanks to Mayur sir and team for giving the current shape of IIITM Incubation Center.

Sidhi Baat (The Interview):

Name:Mayur Gupta
Batch: IPG2004
Location: Searching ... (presently in vizag)
Organization: placed in ITC Infotech, looking for others ...

Q.1. Your Intro ? (the first question for every IIITMite in so called intro :))
yes sir kyun nahi
my name : Mayur Gupta
Age: 23 yrs
Sex: Male
Orientation: Straight
Height: 5'6"
Batch: IPG2004 ... (recession hit batch :P )
Area : :-? yeh kya hota hai bhai ... maine apna area kabhi measure nahi kiya

anyways .. jokes apart i am a successful experiment of IIITM Gwalior by finally completing my Mtech.

Q. 2. Define IIITM in your word?
IIITM ... well i thought it was ABV-IIITM for the past 5 yrs ... damn.... why was i not aware of the change ...

anyways IIITM ... a mix of IIT and IIM as we heard it was when we joined here ... later on after 5 yrs of being in this institute i guess it is a mix of the things which are absent in both the IIT and IIM :)

its a good place if u want to do something with ur life ... anything can be counted in for it ... like becoming the laziest person in the batch ... (that would be meee) or becoming the most studious ... (offcourse u know who 'Google').

but the time and the opportunities this institute has given to me is something which cannot be compared to any other institution in any regard as its the only institute where u will find the seniors guiding the juniors as their own brothers and the juniors doing the same by passing on the tradition which is the only thing i guess that has kept the true IIITM Spirit still intact.

Q. 3.The most memorable moment @ IIITM ?
well the whole 5 yrs can be counted in for a memory which can be remembered for a lifetime.
but for some incidents well they count in for a collection...

the most memorable for me is the day when while doing out BTech Project ... P.K.Das sir gave us a warning that if the speech recognition system did not run in the next 24hours then he would be awarding us a D grade for BTP..... at tht time we did not even understand what speech recognition was ... it took a whole night of reading and coding with some tricks too ... but finally we were able to manage making of the system ... but running it was still no way near in the morning. Later in the morning at 6 Bharat, Pranjal,Vidya and myself mailed Das sir regarding all the effort we had taken and the result was still not visible. at 10 am we went to sir with the work and all he did was enter a command ..... thts it .... the system ran ... and was recognizing commands .... :P ...

That was one feeling which became a memory and even today that feeling is living inside all of us.

For me that was one of the most memorable moments

Q. 4.Technology and Management in your words, how it become more special when it comes for IIITM ?
Technology and Management ... well they do not remain the same when they come under the roof of IIITM ... we learn both of the subjects together and expertise ourselves in the common base from where we can rise into both the fields. there is one IT and MBA side to both the branches which this institute has nourished into our minds and it is that factor which makes us more industry oriented than any other course... (IPG offcourse).

For me the love for technology grew in IIITM but also the management did not leave me either ... since i got more experience in the management side of life at IIITM compared to the technical side .. (i don't know programming being an Mtech :P)

Q. 5.Your experience and strategy @ your work place: how did you develop your skills from null to pointer, please give us a biographical detail .
work place ... :( it hurts being one of the recession hit batches and trying to write on this topic ...

still for me my workplace was IIITM and the skills i gathered there was by learning from others ... i still remember the 5th yr seniors Sharat sir, Pushkar sir, RP sir and rajiv sir who taught us about the basics of Linux, programming and operating systems which till date are the only things i feel i learned in IIITM and still is the most useful.

I personally feel that when you are guided in the right path by the right persons then you do turn out to learn a lot, and in the process gain experience which is carried froward to the juniors.

From P.K.Das sir i personally feel he is the person who made me what i am ... because during the Btech project the experience i have gained from him is something which is irreplaceable. The journey of the learning has not been something i cherish but the learning i have had from my seniors and Das sir is something i will call as my best time in IIITM.

Q. 6. A message to your all juniors, (something you aspired most @ IIITM and want the same in your juniors) …
well ... this is the section which should be skipped since there wont be anything productive except for the routine dialogues like
read the subjects, attend classes, score good, prepare aptitude, read novels .... u will be successful .... i hate this crap ..

if you want to do something forget it all ... reading books is a different story ... but if you are interested in any topic then go for it ... read it fully do not think if it relates to your subject or course ... just keep reading and do something in it .... believe me guys ... the more different you are the more you will feel confident about urself.

Give the projects a rest ... take up your own topics and work on them, who says to work on the topics which are always suggested if you have an idea and if it is not being considered even then still look out on net there will be numerous people like you working on that.

The best part of IIITM is that you can read anything anytime and you will still have a lot of time left for BAKAR ...

so juniors ... and the ppl who still feel all the above is crap (in a way it is) ... listen to urself ... and work along .... for support ...

ALUMNI's are always there to guide u dudes ...

Q. 7. IIITM on lighter note: eg: IIITM is getting more greener with times, what do you think ???
Very true .. I remember the days when our batch came .... there were hardly a few inches of greenery just some countable number of trees ... and by the time years passed by the number of trees increased the whole surrounding was improved and the greenery was visible and even more distinct compared to other colleges in the locality.

now that we have moved out ... the situation is lot better than 5 years ago and is going better .... but boys .... do remember "The Grass on the Other Side is Always Greener" .... getting something outside the campus is better ... :P

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mukeshtiwari said...

Kya baat hian yaar mayur. Great interview indeed. yaar tere baare mein pure 3 saal mein kuch pata hee nahi chala :P

mayur gupta said...

abe mere bare mein pata nahi tha aisa kaise ho sakta hai tu bhool kaise gaya .., woh sab kuch ... yaad dilaun kya

ReferenceBuddy said...

Thanks to mayur sir ...
for your time ...
kuch cheeze hume bhi aaj pata chali ;)