Monday, August 10, 2009

Interview with Dhananjay Kulkarni :Study Days @ IIITM Gwalior : A jaunty Journey …

Dhananjay Dilip Kulkarni: Dhananjay, better known as 'the Euler' of IIITM will always remain a source of inspiration for his juniors. Due to his lucid teaching style he is also known as 'The Professor' and believe me he is more capable in binding students than a regular Prof. I'm still remembering the '64 X 64 Chess board' problem and its '2 X 2', 2 min. soln.[:)] of his lecture on Discrete mathematics class.

On the other note he is a true artisan, a painter. In 'Tabla' he was Zakir Huesen of IIITM. Each year the 'Saiyon Ne' trio of Dhananjay, Sandeep and Ankit has rocked the stage of Aurora.

Sidhi Baat (The Interview):

Name: Dhananjay Dilip Kulkarni
Batch: IPG2002-07-M.Tech
Location: Chennai
Organization: Amazon

Q.1. Your Intro ? (the first question for every IIITMite in so called intro :))
IPG 2002; often made the judge of the singing competitions to avoid me participating it and the co-founder of AIFA (All India Fatta Association), a now dormant organization that used to foster budding artists fond of cracking crappy jokes.

Q. 2. Define IIITM in your word?

Q. 3.The most memorable moment @ IIITM ?
(Off the records) When I was caught sleeping in my lab. (On the records) Amazing juniors. Each moment with them is a memory.

Q. 4.Technology and Management in your words, how it become more special when it comes for IIITM ?
An amazing confluence of the instrument (technology) and the skill to use it (management). Though a very benign thought, it'll need some time to get impressed in the students as well as the industry.

Q. 5.Your experience and strategy @ your work place: how did you develop your skills from null to pointer, please give us a biographical detail .
The underlying principle was freedom to study. We got the time to study whatever we wanted. We were never spoon-fed, and often were left to ourselves. That led us to form study groups, and mutual co-operation.

Q. 6. A message to your all juniors, (something you aspired most @ IIITM and want the same in your juniors) …
Create a passion for anything, don't let go of it. You'll be benefit from it someday later.

Q. 7. IIITM on lighter note: eg: IIITM is getting more greener with times, what do you think ???
No one could (probably) beat the rose gardens we used to have.

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