Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Interview with Rajeev Ranjan: Study Days @ IIITM Gwalior : A jaunty Journey ...

Rajeev Ranjan: Rajeev, the name reminds me abounding feelings of old days. The golden days of our first year interaction:your interesting tasks(Ghora $$$ karta hai [;)]) -> your distinguished Hindi poetry(a new face for a first year :P), your hold on juniors, lively presence at social forums ensembles a true face of ideal IIITMite :).

I'm bound by space constraint, otherwise there is a biography in waiting for Rajeev.

Thanks sir , for raising the cause of IIITMites.
We all are connected!

Sidhi Baat (The Interview):

Name: Rajeev Ranjan
Batch: IPG2002-07-MBA
Location: Chennai
Organization: Mahindra Satyam

Q.1. Your Intro ? (the first question for every IIITMite in so called intro :))
Rajeev, Tallest and most vella guy of IPG 2002 batch. Highly skilled in class bunking and nonsense Bakar. Currently working as Siebel Business Analyst and Presales expert with Mahindra Satyam.

Q. 2. Define IIITM in your word?
One of the most rocking place on earth. An institute that provide total freedom to explore your hidden talents (Professional as well as personal). An institute that prepared me to face challenges in Corporate world. Gave friends for life. And above all saved one year of my education.

Q. 3.The most memorable moment @ IIITM ?
The whole five years were memorable and every second of that is very special. I experienced almost every flavor of life. Friendship, love, sadness, fight and protest as well. I think the most memorable time was 3 months of B.Tech project when we turned the Lab2 into bedroom cum kitchen cum gaming zone. Another case was...some management paper in 10th sem. Naval Vajpyee sir told us that he doesn't want us write essay. Write as much as required and to the point. Unfortunately i took his words literally and answered all the 5 questions in one and half page. It took so much of my management and negotiation skills to get A in that :).

Q. 4.Technology and Management in your words, how it become more special when it comes for IIITM ?
Technology is all about building applications and solutions.....where as Management is an art of convincing customers to pay you for that. Technology is useless without Management but management can be used to make revenue without Technology.... In corporate language its called Consultancy. and IIITM provide you the best environment to enhance your Management and Consultancy skills.

Q. 5.Your experience and strategy @ your work place: how did you develop your skills from null to pointer, please give us a biographical detail .
When i joined Satyam, i realized that its not important what you know and what you are skilled to do. Most important is, how well you understood the System and its working. I didn't felt much difference in working conditions of IIITM and Satyam. and kept trust that Google knows everything.

Q. 6. A message to your all juniors, (something you aspired most @ IIITM and want the same in your juniors) …
Maintain a perfect balance between academics and extra curricular activities. Both are equally important. Party as much as possible and Read whatever interest you. These five years are best time of your life, enjoy every moment of it. It feel so good to hear achievements made by juniors. I wish they keep the graph moving up.

Q. 7. IIITM on lighter note: eg: IIITM is getting more greener with times, what do you think ???
I totally agree. Ratio has shown signs of improvement in recent years but still 50% target seems far to achieve.

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Purushottam said...

Only one thing that is sure,n that is change(Future-->Present-->Past). We all very sure that we cannot return to what we have already gone with, but remembering the past in good spirit is always remarkable and this post is more stress on mere fact that greatness is only a history. Good interview dear,even today remind me you the same as 7Yrs back we first assembled on first floor.Keep going dude of hazard... :-)

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