Wednesday, August 12, 2009

IIITM Press release on short term training program(10-14th Aug'09) on software engineering and management(“SEM-09”): Day Two

11th August 2009, Gwalior
The day two of MHRD/AICTE sponsored short term training program(10th to 14th August 2009)
on software engineering and management(“SEM-09”) at Atal Bihari Vajpayee-Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management, Gwalior (ABV-IIITM, Gwalior), continued with the same vibration as on day one. The eminent speakers were Prof. Ravi Shankar, from Department of Management Studies, IIT-Delhi and Prof. P.K.J Mohapatra, from Department of industrial Engineering and Management, IIT-Kharagpur.
The program covered both the classical approach of software engineering and the more contemporary software project management principles and practices under a single umbrella.
Prof. Ravi Shankar talked on the widening scope of computer-based information systems, the competitive business environment and the emerging digital firms with the emergence of the global economy. He also gave presentation on the use of information system for accounting firms. He said that the focus should be on flow, use and transformation of data in an information system. His second lecture consisted of the process to show that how the “object relationship model” is the foundation on which the physical design of computer system’s database is built.
The eminent academician Prof P.K.J. Mohapatra spoke about the software metrics, which included, how we analyze the software development to see that it consists of three classes of entities: Processes, Products and Resources. He said that Processes are concerned with the intellectual activities, products constitute the specifications, code, test cases, the manuals, and the similar documents, and the resources included manpower, hardware, software, office supplies, and the like. He also said in terms of software development that more visible the process is, the higher is its maturity level.
At the end, the course module on “Software Project Management” developed by Dr. P. Acharya was proposed to the participants.

Media Cell: Chandan Kumar Singh(MBA 3rd sem), Shankti Singh(MBA 1st sem), Vaibhav Jain(MBA 1st sem), Jyotindra Gupta(MBA 1st sem)

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