Friday, August 14, 2009

What recruiters want: An HR perspectives: Mr. S. Majumdar in campus ...

In Changing IIITM, there are more shares for new students than anyone ever expected to have in any semester so far. Once again the SH2 Syndrome caught on highest Celsius point of managerial enlightenment.
In a series of guest lectures yesterday Mr. S. Majumdar, General Manager (HR & IR), J. K. Tyre and Industries Ltd. has shared his life experience with students of management.

The lively presentation of Mr.
Mr. S. Majumdar spellbound everyone. It was an exemplary, how one can effectively bound audiences for hours in only four slides comparing to those more than hundred slides of well known technical lectures[:O] of SH2.

Mr. S. Majumdar

At many reference places one can easily find this equation:
(Success= Brain + Hard work + Luck)
But, what about :

Success = Brain x Hard work x Luck !

very strange ? Right !
Real life experiences are just reverse what our pedagogy teaches.
Mr. S. Majumdar is a living example of unconventional knowledge derived by strong moral values.

Here are those Rare Four slides:
slide one
Your Style

* Give target dates and stick to them come what may or inform the concerned person in advance: commitment oriented.
* Not tell small lies.
* Stop using Pakistani logic: irrefutable because it is totally childish.
* Be punctual.
* Stop talking loosely.
* Stop talking on mobiles if somebody is already in conversation with us(05 seconds to say I am busy and will call back later is acceptable).
* Accept that we do not know everything (of our profession or even our company).
* Work with professionalism Distinguish between manipulation and influence.

slide two

* Follow some expected business conventions (even if they are against our personal beliefs).
* Become thick skinned from remarks by others.
* Become process and documentation oriented.
* Standardize our process through process charts and check-sheets.
* Assign responsibilities for jobs with tangible deliverables.
* Stick to our commitments even if the job has been volunteered by us and accept criticism if we do not deliver as committed (we are not absolved of our responsibility even if we have volunteered).
* Agree that ours is not the only way: other perspectives are also possible.
* Become dispensable.(we are still being taught to be indispensable :O)

slide three
Your nature

* Maintain confidentiality: we should not try and extract extra popularity mileage by disclosing what we are not authorized to do.
* Have as much discussion as required before a decision is made but once the decision is made, we all abide by it and defend it even if we have personal opinion on it.
* Agree that sometimes / most times democratic decisions are not made in which case also above rule holds.
* Use our experience and capabilities to find solutions rather than criticize and say ‘NO’.
* Disagree without being disagreeable.
* Have heated arguments but do not carry it home.

slide four
You will be there for

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