Wednesday, October 6, 2010


  • Chemical Engineer
  • Has an experience of 27 years in the field of fiber technology.
  • Is currently working in SRF Limited, Gwalior as plant head.
  • Has worked for 13 years with an overseas company manufacturing Nylon-6 tire cord.
  • Has visited various overseas plants in Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, China and USA.


He gave a stress not to consider HRM as merely a line function and to begin a more holistic view. He also told that HRM can upgrade employee in their organization through Total Quality Management.

Release of documentary “WHEEL OF HOPE” made by MBA2009-11 students.
Rajesh Kumar Sahu, Arun Singh and Yaswant Sinsh Gill (MBA 2nd year students).

The documentary on narrow gauge railway line that runs from Gwalior to Sheopur Kalan and a booklet of information about the train its history and service to the society was released. Narrow gauge train has been giving dedicated service to thousands of people for a period more then hundred years. In spite of facing technological, topographical, political, financial and environmental challenges, its journey has been very successful in service to mankind. With total track length of 198 kilometer it connects. More than 250 villages through 27 stations on whole route where this is the only mode of transport available. This documentary is an effort to highlight the achievements of its bondage people share with it. The train is soon going to be declared as world heritage.

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