Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2nd HR Summit '2010' : Mr.k.k.Muthu: President, Corporate Communication Services & Ex Vice president Human Resource, Hero Honda

  • He is a Mechanical Engineering honors graduate from Bombay University, which he obtained after B.Sc. (UK) and LME from Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute, Mumbai.
  • His experience is in three modules: teaching at IIT Delhi (10 years), industry (24 years), and consulting (10 years).
  • He has worked with organizations such as GE Motors, Whirlpool India, Goodyear India, Hero Honda Motors.

He told that management will grow from at to science. He emphasized on the factor of the use of quality circle to deal with the problems in daily work areas. Quality circle is the only chain that bounds a large number of employees at operations department.

He also focused on some human resource challenges that organizations are facing.
  • Creating high performance culture.
  • Talent retention.
  • Recruiting in today’s context.
He focused on new touch points for any human resource management
  • Welfare officer to business player.
  • From culture and policies to the insight of the organization.
  • Transformational human resource.

In today’s scenario fast and consistent will always beat the slow and steady organization. He emphasizes to identify the core strength of the employees and organization and place them accordingly where they can prove themselves. He also said that it is good to be individually brilliant, but one need to be able to work well in a team as that is a new human resource challenge. It means that human resource should be able to harness the individual’s brilliance even in a team work. He urges the HR people to get truly involved with people and be with them.

Role that an HR people need to pay

  • He must be able to bridge a gap between what the management wants and what one want.
  • He must barometer the environment of the organization
  • He must be able to lead others by energizing them.
  • He must be able to involve everyone in the team work (total involvement of people is very important, to know people at functional level, respect their ideas, offer people a platform for their involvement).
  • He should welcome all ideas from the employees.
  • He concluded by saying that change is an everlasting process for any organization and organizations must change their approach for reactive to proactive to deal with change effectively.

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