Thursday, October 7, 2010

2nd HR summit 2010':Mr. Deepak Menaria: Vice President, Human Resource, Global Logic

  • Has done MBA in Finance from Nagpur University
  • He is an entrepreneur with strong professional HR experience.
  • He has keen interest in Human Psychology and believes in applying Human understanding in HR practices.
  • He is founder director of Lambent Technologies
  • Among top 3 finalists for Young HR professionals at India-pacific HR congress at Mumbai in 2008.


He told the students about the ABCDEF of the innovative human resource practices.

A- Attitude to innovate (Intuition).
B- Business value (any idea should have a business value). There should be a business angle.
C- Curiosity, Challenge, Creativity.
D- Differentiation.
E- Executable.
F- Full view of the idea.

He considers innovative ideas as passing through inverted funnel because all ideas pass through this funnel and only those ideas that can easily pass through the funnel are finally applicable. The ABCDEF are the filters to the applicability of the ideas.

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