Monday, October 11, 2010

2nd HR Summit '2010':Mr. Aivnash Mishra: General Manager, Human Resource, Godrej

  • Post Graduation in Personal Management & Industrial Relation apart from Master in Economics and LLB.
  • Brings with him an enriching 21 years of experience in different Industries.
  • In 2010, he has been awarded by the chairman of Godrej Group Mr. Adi Godrej on “commendation for Affirmative Action” to fulfill Company Social Responsibility.


He started with reactive/proactive approach towards the HR contribution towards competitiveness. HR must know about business, challenges, and opposites so much that they could craft polices which enabled people to give their best. Drivers or business: product/brand, process, people (nothing can happen without them). He said “most important work of HR is to unearth the hidden talent or reverse the iceberg”. He said “20% of HR decisions are affecting 80% of outcomes”. Congruence between individual and business goals is what HR should try to achieve. There’s a need to determine competencies (staffing, division), consequences (standards and pay offs), governance polices (structure and policy) and change (HR leads, change in organization). Leadership: can drive the strategy. Single solutions won’t win the war one need to have options.

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