Monday, October 11, 2010

2nd HR Summit '2010' : Mr. Gyan Prakash Mishra Chief Manager, SRF Limited

  • LLB from Meerut University, MBA in Industrial Relations
  • Worked in Kanoria Chemicals, Dalmia Cements
  • Presently worked in SRF as Chief Manager


He said “whenever an idea is conceived, an organization is created. You need time, money and intelligence (available in abundance). This can enable you to get ahead”. He focused on competitiveness which meant everything that is related to competitiveness is an HR issue i.e. continual improvement, speed, creativity and innovation, people and talent. An HR manager must be a business manager, but he must strike a balance because ultimate the people need to be taken care of the employees and stakeholders. Unique career path for each employee must be kept in mind.

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