Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Attractiveness

Attractiveness has vital role in the personality of man. The strong influence of physical attractiveness on personality is not direct, but indirect, stemming from favorable attitudes of other people toward those who are attractive. And since attractive people are attractive in varying degrees, the attitude and treatment of other vary. The differences in personality.
An attractive- looking person of any age is more appealing than one who is unattractive. It is very rewarding. A person who is attractive is more sought after for dates than the person who is homely.

In addition, people tend to be more tolerant in their attitudes and judgment of an attractive person. A pretty child, for example- is far less likely to be harshly criticized or punished for troublesome behavior can be less efficient and less conscientious than an attractive one and yet win a promotion.
Where a person considered attractive or not is determined by the judgments other make of him. The person is first seen in to. If the impression is favorable, the label “attractive” is than attached to him. If some feature stands out from the total pattern because it does not seem to fit, attention is focused on if first and their leads to the impression that the person is homely. A nose that is too large for the other facial features, for example leads to social judgment that the person is unattractive.
No single feature, parse, is either attractive of unattractive. Beauty depends on social judgment and these judgments are colored by cultural stereotypes. What one cultural group considers attractive, another may regard as homely or actually ugly.
In some cultures, fat is regarded as beautiful because it is associated with wealth. A person becomes fat because he can afford to eat as much as he wants. In our culture, in the past fat was associated with being healthy and was admired. Today it is associated male adjustment and it judged as homely.
Furthermore, with in cultural group, standards of physical attractiveness change. At the turn of the present century, ample was I, during the flapper era curves were out and the flat chaste, flat-hipped female body was in. Today the standard of an attractive female body is about half way between these extremes, a pencil slim body with unexaggerated curves.
It’s effects on personality-realization that appearance plays an important role in social judgments inevitable affects the self-concept. If a person feels that his appearance is such that he will be judged positively, it will have a favorable effect on his personality. Few people, however, feel so. Most feel that their total appearance or some feature that mars their attractiveness is responsible for their not being as popular as they otherwise would be.
The more a person varies from the norm in physical attractiveness, the more he also varies in satisfaction and these in the favorable-ness of his self concept. Studies of the effects of acne illustrate how severely one unattractive feature can affect the self concept. College students with acne score significantly higher on a neurotic-ism scale than those who are free from this skin blemish.
One study has shown that an unattractive appearance many lead to deviant behavior. Not only are criminals judged to be below the norm in personal attractiveness, but the seriousness of their crimes is positively related to the degree of their unattractiveness. Robbers, who are bolder and who hold up their victims face to face are 2:30 more likely to be judged as attractive than are burglars.

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