Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ABV-IIITM Gwalior :Hindi Pakhwada

We all are Indian and our National language is Hindi language, we should pay regard for our Hindi language. A few days back IIITM conducted a program in the favor of the language, named Hindi Pakhwada. The program was started on 14th Sept. 2010 and was continued sennight. On 14th Sept. 2010 institution inaugurated Pakhwade ceremony in the presence of Dr. Divakar Vidyalankar and shri Pawan Karan. Director Sahieb, Registrar Sahieb and shri Naval Bajpai IIITM were also present in Hindi Pakhwade program.

Dr. Vidyalankar stressed on the theme of unity one India one people and how can we stand together with unity in any all situation. Shri Pawan also followed the similar theme, and made the issue of popularizing our National language and asked how can the Hindi language be a convenient medium to establish unity.
On 15th Sept. 2010 the events began with full excitement. In first event was quiz. The event was followed such as debate, competition hand writing competition, poster making, slogan writing, translation of technical terms and documentary on Hindi.
On 30th Sept. 2010 the Pakhwade program was over. The following day 1st Oct. Hasya Kavi Sammelan was organized.Hasya Kavi shri Pradeep Choubey, shri k. k. Pandey, Rashmi Saba Sahiba and shri Madan Mohan Danish were invited to calibrate the sammelan. The event was unforgetable. The poets cracked jokes, satire over various themes. All the spectators were looking in jovial moods. The same night the event was over after that dinner was served all of them.

Really the Hindi Pakhwada was exceptional success, and it forced to heart of spectators to praise the program.

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Gaurav said...

longer than a week is great...!
well done!!!