Monday, October 4, 2010

2nd HR SUMMIT ‘2010’ : Directing Excellence-the HR way

24th-25th September,

The program of HR summit has been held on in the institution on dated 24th-25th September.

The 2nd Human Resource Summit was held at Atal Bihari Vajpayee- Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior. The theme of this summit was “Directing Excellence-The HR Way”. There were number of speakers from industries Human Resource management department who gave their views ideas new knowledge perspectives and insights for the same. The main theme was covered under many sub-themes like “leadership for change”. “succession planning”, “innovative HR practices”, “innovations in recruitment”, “profitability through HR Practices ” and final “HR contribution towards competitiveness “.

About speakers:

  • Mr. Sanjay Prakash Bindal: Plant Head, SRF Limited.
  • Mr. Vinay Karulker: CEO, Aditya Birla (Vikram Woolens).
  • Mr. K.K.Muthu: President, Corporate Communication Services & EX Vice President Human Resource, Hero Honda.
  • Mr. Kumkum Nongroum: Vice President, Human Resource, Royal Bank of Scotland.
  • Mr. Sanjay Jain: Vice President, Corporate Human Resource, Abijeet Group.
  • Mr. S.Majumdar: General Manager, Human Resource, JK Tyres.
  • Mr. Deepak Menariya: Vice President, Human Resource, Global Logic.
  • Mr. Sachin Sharma: Head, Human Resource, Talen Management, HCL technologies.
  • Mr. Jagannath Khunyia: General Manager, Human Resource, India Glycols Limited.
  • Mr. Manmohan Bhutani: Vice President, Human Resource, Fiserv.
  • Mr. Pramod Kumar Joshi: Member Advisory Board, All e technologies.
  • Mr. Avinash Mishra: General Manager, Human Resource, Godrej.
  • Mr. Gyan prakash Mishra: Chief Manager, SRF Limited.

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