Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Interview: An overview-cum-guide

An interview is an interactive process which facilitates a selection committee to evaluate interpersonal attributes and communication skills of an individual and assess his understanding of wide variety of personal, social, technological issues around a person, besides his desire and ambition.

An interview is a completely an unpredictable process where events can take any turn in which the interviewee has minimum chance of influencing questions, however, with training and practice, a person can somewhat succeed in prompting an interview asking such questions which would have a positive bearing on the outcome of the interview. If may be understood that an interview is a tow-way process rather than a one way-questioning. If and interviewee is attempting to sell himself, it is also the organization which is selling itself. So don’t underestimate yourself, though the position of an interviewee can not be counted on parallel terms with that of an interviewer.

An interviewer is not trying to locate “know all” but is simply trying to find a suitable person who would fit the post in the best possible way and be a helpful in accomplishing to organization’s targets both short term and long terms.

The interviewer notes every activity which an interviewee undertakes, be it behavior attitude the manner of answering, questions, manners, speech endurance to bear strains, etc. It is always advisable to show such expressions which may be vogue in slang but are not part of standard language. Don’t mix language answer in the language you are confident in be it Hindi, English, or regional language, you should be able to express explicitly. And of course, the interviewer should also be able to understand the language.

Generally, interviewers are helpful and encouraging if the first impression has gone fight, and they try to help the candidate maintain cool, but also be cautions. Sometimes, interviewer tends to be helpful in a conceited manner by giving promptings to make the interviewee fall in line and expose his short comings to listen and believe heat-say, you are right sir, but I beg to differ.

Don’t guess while answering questions. If you do not know an answer, admit your short coming honestly. Don’t try to cheat interviewer. They are more knowledgeable and have ability to find out any such attempt.
An interview is more of a personality test rather than a grueling quizzing process. Interviewers are trying to find out personal traits such as honesty, integrity, mental alertness, acumen ability to cope with different situation, your views on varied topics, general awareness, and more than all, your suitability for the job.
Anticipate questions and prepare answers and go in discussing them with friends and peers in a relational and logical manner. Try to support your deductions on the basis of data whenever necessary.

Don’t get nervous before the interviewers. Be confident and have faith in yourself. It happens that most intelligent people fail to succeed, whereas people with far inferior knowledge succeed.
Put everything in compact manner in your mind before you take a step to march towards the interview room.

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