Monday, October 11, 2010


This session was all about the innovative practices made by the different companies to update their recruitment process because there is no benchmark available with organizations to know if they are doing good job for recruitment of the potential candidates. They told us that in today’s environment it is the most a light on the comparison between the traditional and e-recruitment methods. The e-recruitment methods are cost efficient, time saving, provide clarity about job & decrease the lead time. They further explained the internet and blog that are used now days as new tools for recruitment. The cost analysis report on the summer internship done by them at Reliance Life Insurance shows that the method that includes least cost is incurred in the e-recruitment methods. There is high pressure on the numbers to be recruited so there are other critical variables still not a part of review focus. At last traditional methods should not be replaced by e-recruitment methods; rather they should be used to supplement the traditional methods.

Mr. Jagannath Khuntia: General Manager, Human Resource, India Glycols Limite

  • B.Sc. in agriculture from Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology & PGDM from XIM, Bhuvaneshwar
  • Worked with Cimmco Birla Limited, Synthetic & Chemicals Gati Limited, People‘s Power
  • Currently working as GM (HR, India Glycol)
  • Actively associated with institutions/Management associations,
  • Manages a HR blog HR INTERACTIVE

Inc business/growth does not mean inc manpower
It might mean the better technology orientation. He told that in any organization
50% employees not engaged according to their skill - set and interest CEO’s feel
Recruitment is a major issue to be focused. People with skill for tomorrow are required by the
Companies to exist in the near future. People don’t stay at one workplace for long time, Service level needs to be high for the employee who is associated with organization. He explained recruitment is a competitive differentiation. He also threw light on shift from financial to technology human capital. He said that recruitment is equivalent to marketing in term of interpersonal skills human Resource management one sells organization to candidates. What one follows in marketing, can be followed in recruitment. Cost of bad recruitment should be considered. More because it is five times more than a normal recruitment method

Contributed by: Umesh Bishnoi, Yashwant Singh Gill (PG-MBA-2nd year)

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