Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The institution provided E CELL program for twenty individuals with motive of fostering and spreading the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth of nation to arrange a basic platform to those mind-masters who have the command to govern an organization with brilliant ideas.

The E CELL represented program as:
  • Entrepreneur of the month
  • Manager of the month

This program has been held on in E cell. The presentation of E cell unfolded a lot of views for the students.
Why does E cell conduct the program the manager of the month:
E cell deliver the program for students
  • An opportunity of learning
  • Motivation for budding managers
  • Enhancement of spirit of local leaders
A driver of all that is actively managing the resource in needs and wants...Team ECELL”.

In September the G.M. of Taj Hotels Mr. Ashok Rathore was invited in E cell, The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) and its subsidiaries collected known as Taj Hotels Resorts and places largest and splendid company with stunning properties, sterling services place has won renown not just in India but the world over.

Mr. Ashok Rathore explained about Taj Hotels Groups, about its history strategy, brand and value and about the scope of Hotel industry in India and world.

He glanced on the various properties (Hotels) of Taj and issue which related of them. He advised that acceptance of culture is the best way to spread the industry. He pointed out about his internal strength that he accepted the most difficult property to work and try to make profitable for group.

Mr. Rathore has completed his degree in Hotel Management from Jaipur. He joined Taj group before 15 year back and he as worked very much or many National and International property of Taj.All the presence of students and related to department gained good ideas about Hotel Industry.

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