Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2nd HR Summit '2010':Mrs. Kumkum Nongrum: Vice President, Human Resource, Royal Bank of Scotland

  • Post Graduate from “Tata Institute of Sciences”, Mumbai.
  • Has 23 years of core HR experience in all aspects of HR Strategy, People sourcing, Development and Compensation.
  • Is currently heading the Leadership and Learning initiatives for Royal Bank of Scotland in India.
  • Is actively associates herself with students of various Management Institutes.

She focused on the word “SARAH” which is encountered during a change in any organization.

A- Anger

She told about the three top most changes
Shifting Home
Shifting Job

Leaders need to ensure that the first three steps of SARAH must be as short as possible in terms of duration, and the other two can be or may stay for longer period and hence more enriching. There is a need to fortify ourselves against change.

  • If you want to be change ready, you need to put efforts to make change effortless.
  • Multitasking and being change ready are almost synonymous, take change as a challenge and try taking if head on (the resilience gives you the energy to look at the change positively).

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