Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2nd HR Summit '2010': The application of leadership theories in the Indian corporate culture: a comparison between northern and southern India

They delivered a presentation in which they focused on the study they carried out in different companies in northern and southern India.
  • To study the application of leadership theories in northern and southern corporate world.
  • To identify the influence of motivation on the employee by virtue of the theories in context.
  • To identify the factors affecting the performance of the employees.
  • To identify the extent of synchronization between the organization’s employees and the leaders representing the organization.
Different theories used to carry out the study
  • Scanlon plan
  • Reinforcement Theory
  • Path Goal Theory
Conclusion of study:

South Indian leaders
Northern Indian leaders
  • Highly efficient task distributors.
  • Maintain high degree of coordination with the employee.
  • Leaders are better coaches.
  • Leaders are more flexible.
  • Less efficient task distributors.
  • Lesser co-ordination with employee.
  • More concerned with task completion.
  • Leaders are less flexible.
  • There is a symmetrical relationship between applicability and non-applicability of the three theories.
  • Scanlon plan is applicable in Southern India but not on Northern India.
  • Reinforcement Theory is applicable in both the regions.
  • Path Goal Theory is applicable in Northern India but not Southern India.
Contributed by: Rohit Agrawal & J.Adarshan IPG 5th yr-MBA

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